Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow What?!

The icky weather came back today :( so it was cold and gloomy out. We interviewed the two daycare prospects today... of course the one we like better doesn't mesh well with our work hours. Hence my need for a new job. Something with more traditional hours.

As for the providers, they're both in-home daycare providers. As a kid myself, I attended an in-home daycare for a while, so I like the familiarity of the concept. Not too bad. Of course, I am the best candidate to take care of my own child, but have to delegate the task while I am at work. We have a plan in place to spring me from having to work. I had toyed around with the idea of running an in-home daycare myself, but our house's floorplan just doesn't support such a venture.

Ok, off that tangent.

Yesterday my baby turned six weeks old. Time to go back to work, as I did not get a real maternity leave- just enough time to heal. Big whoop! My kid isn't ready to be dumped off with strangers just yet, but I digress.

I had my six-week postpartum checkup on Thursday. The doctor said I healed nicely and did the typical, lovely GYN checkup. I'll spare ya details there but it was pretty boring there. :)

We also picked up Miss Jessica's birth announcements today- yeah, several weeks late :D but better late than never, right? They look great! Pic of the pics to come soon.

And tonight... just when we thought it was over... the SNOW came back! This year, er, winter, has brought us a record of the second snowiest winter for DFW. In fact, when our own little snowflake (Jessica, of course) was a week old, we had our now-famous deluge (is that the right word?) of snow- about 10 or so inches on average of snowfall. Tonight's snowfall didn't reach near that for us, but it definitely brought back memories! But wait... didn't spring start- supposedly officially today? Yesterday was a warm and beautiful, winter day, but today- a cold and snowy spring day? Ironic. Only in Texas.

This is what our snow princess sent us at a week old.

And this is what she brought us tonight! A much lighter dusting but still beautiful.


Chele said...

6 weeks already? Time is flying by. I'm ready to see the end of this winter too. Fortunately, our weather here in Florida has moderated to near normal temps. Good luck with finding a child care giver. I'm sure everything will fall into place. :)

Kimmygintx said...

Thank you! We have decided on somebody so hopefully things will work out.

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