Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Years Later

It was two years ago to this date that we lost our first baby, pumpkin. S/he was due probably around 10/9 or so, but we never made it to the doc to get the official word on that. I was due in with my doc that following Monday, but the Friday before things began to fall apart. I began to have some strange symptoms that can be characterized as normal, however they gave me an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. However, I had always felt ill-at-ease with this pregnancy for some reason. It was like I couldn't shake this awful feeling that *something* was off. *Something* wasn't right. Unfortunately, the feeling was correct.

After I ended up spending the weekend waiting for the other shoe to drop, it finally did, but it landed on the *other* side of the fence. Our dear pumpkin departed us late that night in the ER. Ultrasound confirmed my suspicions that it was all over for us. Bloodwork performed that night advised us that mom was OK.

The shell-shocked couple headed home that night and tried to not much avail to get some sleep.

Two years later mom is still saddened by the tragic events of that night, but thankful to now have a daughter to call her own (well, at least along with daddy, anyway) while looking to the future for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.


Helen said...

Big hugs.

Kimmygintx said...

Thank you. It's still painful to think about but hard not to around this time of year...

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