Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Pregnant!

at 40w, 5d! Keith said yesterday that he got a text message from Jessica saying she was comfy and cozy, with her cell phone, high-speed internet, satellite TV and cozy chair. Hmmmm... sounds like mommy needs to start taking stuff away!

I went for a walk on Saturday (less steps than last Saturday, for sure!) through BuyBuyBaby and Target and felt like a 90-year-old woman afterward. Mentally I was ok but physically, no way! She's definitely moved down more. Keith commented that she's dropped even more since the beginning of last week so I know it's not my imagination. But come on! How much lower can this kid get without just falling out?!?! LOL

With as much cleaning I've done around here (with Keith's help, of course) I'm surprised we're not at the hospital with Jessica trying to make her escape right now.

Car seat bases installed in both cars- Check.
De-cluttering done- Check.
All baby clothes, blankets and receiving blankets washed and put away- Check.
Hospital bags packed- Check.
Pantry re-stocked- Ummmm, well it was... we've pretty much depleted that while waiting for Her Snowiness to make her (now fashionably late) arrival!

We do have an induction/eviction scheduled- if she's not here by the end of the week, we're booting the little diva out. Hopefully, thought, we won't need it.

JessyNicole, come out! Mommy, Daddy, Grammy, Aunt Susan, Uncle Jeff and a TON of other people want to meet you and see your cute, snowy little face.


Sara Grieser said...

Love your blog and how are you NOT complaining? I would be a whiney brat if I were you. So proud of you AND so excited! Waiting, waiting for "we're on our way to the hospital!"

Don't forget to bring gum and a razor in your bag. I didn't shave my legs after the twins (or while I was pregnant or now... lol) but after they were born, my armpit hair got crazy long. I know you love to have me post something so exciting and not gross on your blog. haha.

And gum is such a must. Everyone hugs and kisses you and you will want to clean teeth. :)

Love, Sara

Kimmygintx said...

Good reminder on the razor... knowing me I'll forget mine! haha

I can't wait to broadcase about being on the way to the hossy... it'll be Thursday night at the latest! ;)

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