Friday, January 29, 2010


Wow, I have been lazy, but I do owe an update, big time. 

Wednesday was my 40-week, and final, OB appointment. As usual, Snowflake measured right on (doc didn't say anything, so I assume this was the case) and HR was 140. Mom is doing well too. *knock wood*

A unique, aerial view of the belly. Don't know how I'm standing up anymore- the feet seem to have gone MIA!

Her Snowiness has officially been served eviction papers. If she's not out by next Thursday night, in we go to the hospital to start the eviction process. So, we're looking at no later than next Friday for her being here. EEK!

As for the home front, I got a burst of energy tonight and actually ENJOYED some of the cleaning I did today. I did the dishes (which were piled up in the sink this morning) little by little since leaning over the sink KILLS my back right now, as well as organized our kitchen table a bit. (We're horrible clutter bugs; the kitchen table is a mail drop. Gotta get that habit under control...) If it wasn't for the weather being so cold and crappy, I would have even taken some stuff (her Boppy pillow, soft carrier and some of mommy's stuff) out to the car. And with the full moon being tonight (as opposed to tomorrow as I originally thought) who knows what will happen? One of my Facebook buddies mentioned that her water broke the next day after her nesting episode. Yipes!

Yesterday was my official last day at work. I am glad I have a few days to relax (and nest!) and enjoy the quiet while I still have it. It was a little more emotional than I thought (even though the plan is for me to go back in a few weeks once Her Snowiness is here); perhaps it is/was hitting home a bit that we're THISCLOSE to having this baby in our arms?

I am feeling pretty good, overall. A little achy here and there, I get totally exhausted if I stand too long in one spot and even all the up-and-down activity in church gets me! (I can no longer even partially kneel like I usually do (bad knee doesn't allow the full-on kneel for me)- I'm too heavy!)  For the most part I can still walk ok, but I chalk that up to all the walking Keith and I did before I got pregnant. And aside from the occasional sleeplessness and the peeing every 5 minutes, I have no complaints.

It is exciting and scary at the same time that Jessica could be here any day now. It's weird, part of the day I am thrilled and excited, and other parts of the day see me totally freaking out. Can we handle this? (uhm, of course we can!) I just keep repeating my mantra- God won't give us more than we can handle. After all, He has trusted us with this little life (and hopefully will with more of them in the future) and while we are partially terrified about our impending responsibilities, we are extremely blessed to have Miss Jessica in our lives. We can't wait to meet her!

The little lady is hiccupping and squirming about right now. My days of feeling these awesome sensations are numbered and I'm going to enjoy them thoroughly. Yes, even if her moving and squirming about keeps me up at night.

I won't look like this for much longer!


Mike said...

So excited for you! I nested a LOT during the end of my pregnancy! Such a great time- But I promise the reward that you get from carrying that baby is even better! ;) And of course you will be able to handle it!

Mike said...

Whoops.. just realized I am not logged into my google acct, Kim. It's Melissa G.... not Mike ;)

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