Friday, January 1, 2010


Twitch. Thump. Thump. Thump. Wiggle wiggle. Squirm. Thump.

For the last couple of days, Jessica has (of course!) been slowly but surely running out of room in her little space. Her moves have trasformed over the past couple of weeks from firm kicks to more weiggly-like squirms and well, wiggles. Add the numb fingertips on the right hand to the mix and we're good to go! LOL At my appointment last Monday the PA said it's the lovely Carpal-Tunnel Syndrome which can often be experienced in pregnancy. Fortunately, right now, it's pretty mild, but if it gets too bad there's always these.

I have been periodically experiencing the tricky Braxton-Hicks contractions off and on. While my next comment owes a picture post, I'll go ahead and say it- I've dropped! I don't have a pic of me since I've dropped but I promise I'll get one up here so you guys can see :)

Since JessyNicole is apparently packing her bags and getting ready to join us here soon, her mommy and daddy must do the same. We started working on cleaning the house today; got most of the clutter out of the living room and cleared out the kitchen sink and cleaned off the countertops. It sounds like alot, but trust me, it's not!

We still have:
The Office (a Disaster Zone- the capitalized letters are so for a reason)
The Carpet (after we vacuum I shall try the new carpet gadget Keith got me for christmas)
The Bathrooms
Our Bedroom
To take down our Christmas stuff (so much for getting it done today.. lol at the rate we're going we'll be bringing Jessica home to a house with a Christmas tree still up in it!)
Pack bags for myself, Keith and Jessica, for the big day. Who knows how many more tick marks she's going to make on the walls in there? It could be one for all I know.

Get some last-minute goodies for the snowflake. She could probably use a few more receiving blankets, a few (WIDE-NIPPLE, please!) bottles (just in case they're needed. Mommy would like to breastfeed but what good is a stressed-out, sleep-deprived mommy if she ends up that way?), a Boppy pillow with a few slipcovers, and of course, diapers! She already has a stack at her grammy's house of the newborn size, but I have a funny feeling she'll outgrow them reeeeeally quickly. Grammy says she's getting close to a 10%-off sale day with Target, and combine that with my 10%-off coupon (okay, maybe not necessarily combine) I have to complete my Target registry, we should be ok! WOOT! Oh, yeah- we need some slipcovers for her changing pad.

We have quite a to-do list here and what am I doing but writing about it... lol my full-time job is making me lazy! lol But we're attacking this LIST, little by little... wish me luck!

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