Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A year in review

I stole this from Natalie's blog... Highlights (and lowlights) of the year!


1) Learned I was about to go through my first layoff.

2) Started another home-improvement project.

3) Enjoyed our very own version of "Things That go Bump" during our first ice storm of the year.


1) In light of being laid off, decided to put baby-making on hold.

2) 1-year Angelversary (RIP Pumpkin)

3) Joined a new, local social network for local moms :)


1) Was taken hostage by a crazy cat.

2) Walked all the way around White Rock Lake for the first time, ever.

3) Officially began job-hunting. Quickly got over it.


1) Decided that we weren't going to actively avoid baby-making, nor would we actively try. Just not trying, not preventing.

2) Put our job search on hold due to timing issues.

3) Renamed my blog. Here's the story behind it.


1) Turned 28.

2) Realized I had been out of high school for 10 years. EEK!

3) Learned I was pregnant... AGAIN!


1) Announced my pregnancy here. Reveled in the fact of having a healthy snowflake (nickname for Jessica before we knew she was a she).

2) Started getting my very own case of m/s.

3) Deciphered Legalese on a wide variety of paperwork after my layoff.


1) Got my severance check and paid off my car!

2) Saw our sweet snowflake in living motion on a u/s!

3) Had my first episodes of pregnancy brain at work.


1) Felt Snowflake move for the first time. Ahhhh, the butterflies!

2)  Scheduled the big u/s... :) :) :)

3) Rejoiced in being in the second trimester.


1) Found out that the baby was a GIRL!

2) Got laid off, again.

3) 2nd wedding anniversary!


1) Started and finished my first Jessica project!

2)  Signed up for birthing classes at our hospital.

3) Third trimester!


1) Entered the first hint of a newting phase.

2) Had my baby shower!

3) Thanksgiving!


1) Got the nursery almost done! :)

2) Enjoyed Keith and my last Christmas as just the two of us. Still totally mind-blowing.

3) Enjoyed my first White Christmas!

That's 2009 in brief review. Obviously, more than that happened but those are just some highlights.

My faves of 2009

Favorite moment of 2009: May 24th, 2009. Seeing the positive pregnancy test at 2:00 in the morning.

Favorite song: Do I have to pick just one??

Favorite CD:  I didn't get anything new in this department til Christmastime! lol

Favorite movie - Comedy: Hangover

Favorite TV Episode: It's hard to pinpoint just one episode, but I still like Simpsons and Family Guy.
Favorite new show: I didn't know I was pregnant. (I'm such a dork)

Favorite lunch while at work: Anything was good as long as I was able to enjoy it with Keith!
Favorite home cooked meal: Veggie Chicken

Favorite homemade Dessert: Cake! :p~

Favorite gadget: My digital camera

Favorite App: Didn't get any apps- too expensive!

Favorite Website: Facebook

Favorite Radio Station: KVIL 103.7
Favorite Ice Cream: Either Cold Stone Creamery, Klondike, Private Selection... it would just be easier to ask me what I dislike! LOL

Favorite Pizza: Dominos', Pizza Hut, Papa John's or Papa Murphy's

Favorite LOL Moment: Simply too many to count.

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Chele said...

Happy New Year Kiim! I'm sure the year ahead will be one of your best.

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