Saturday, January 2, 2010

Overwhelmed: My confession


I have a confession: I have been working on a project lately to see about all this making-money-off-your-blog business. There are three websites I am going with (for now):,, and I find the most intriguing because all I apparently would have to do would be to slip a link into my blog entry about a particular subject. Hmmm... I was logged into my homepage on one of these sites (I think it was the inpostlinks one) and there is a "top earners" box, showing who earned the most $$ last year- one of them was $27k and some change. $27k... off of blogging?? I could do that. I know it will take alot of work but it's work I'm willing to do, especially if it eliminates my childcare dilemma I would have upon returning to the rat race.

Second, I set up Google's Webmaster Tools (I was finally able to make it work!) to (hopefully) improve traffic- now if I can figure out how to actually do that.. LOL And by the way, I certainly wouldn't mind a comment or two if anyone has experience/tips/tricks with this stuff! ;)


Helen said...

I'm no help, but I do hope you get it all figured out! Somehow things do seem to fall into place, just trust that it will.

Yaya said...

Good luck! I've heard it's long road trying to make a living off of blogging, but it can be done! Right now I have amazon ads. If someone clicks on the ads from my blog and then orders anything on amazon I get a commission.

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