Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last, but not least...

We had our final baby class today. It was over safety and CPR. The CPR seemed fairly easy and we even got our own dummies to take home w/DVD's and everything so we can practice. However while I practice, I'll be praying that I don't ever have to use it. The dummy is basically an inflatable-doll version of a baby. I couldn't help but to chuckle a bit when the nurse teaching our class said to "blow up our babies." My big ol' preggo belly made it hard to stoop over the table to practice giving the blow-up baby breaths, so I scooted my chair in and out some 500 times between giving compressions and breaths. I made it work, though, and while I wouldn't dare cal myself an expert at this CPR thing I have some of the basic motions down.

We practiced and played with Miss Jessy's carseat and base after we got home. Took about two minutes to literally click it into my car since I have LATCH anchors actually in the seats. Keith's car, not so simple. We tried belting the base into the middle position of the backseat (as picky mommy prefers) but couldn't get it tight enough so we had to move to the side of the car where there is a shoulder belt. BONUS: My car has a shoulder strap in the middle! No tethers in the seats in his car, but surprisingly enough we discovered them above the backseat of his 2001 sedan. Go figure. 2001! The LATCH is in all cars 2002 and after! But when she is ready to forward face, they're there... assuming we still own that car. LOL

Now, if I could only go get off my lazy butt to do some cleaning around the house. If it's Jessica-prep work I'm all over it. But regular ol' cleaning just doesn't appeal to me- and here I am, 32 weeks and 3 days pregnant, living in a messy house! Not good. I know I sure as heck won't feel like cleaning once Her Snowiness arrives, that's for sure.

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