Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Big, Fat Preggo Brain

So... I was thumbing through some old posts on T's blog and noticed her crib posts. That's when I realized that I probably hadn't posted any myself. Checked here and sure enough, my big, fat preggo brain farted on me and I have never even showed off JessyNicole's digs lately!

The first pic is of her complete, convertible crib and dresser, thanks to her Grandma. I put on the mobile right away out of my own excitement (said mobile came from one of mommy's cousins). The toys are still in their packaging (even today) because while mommy's excited to take them out and let them DANGLE, she's cautious about the cats mistaking it for *THEIR* new toy. So up in the bags the dangly things stay, for now. Heck, mommy's already seen evidence that both kitties have done a thorough investigation of Jessy's chariot- they always leave their hairs behind. ;) FTR, the canopies are now closed to investigation.

And without much further ado, Jessy's digs!

These are the letters that I fussed over and worked on for so long... FINISHED!

Thanks, Gwammy! (This second pic more accurately reflects the color than the first. And they say the camera doesn't lie! pffftht!)

...and this will be JessyNicole's first crib.

JessyNicole's first "crib" came from mommy's godmother/Jessy's great-aunt. It currently resides at grammy's house but will come home when JessyNicole does.

Let's see here... we have Jessica's crib and dresser, stroller and carseat, some clothes, the highchair, a bassinet for her first few months (she can bunk with us! YAY!), about 4 1/2 weeks til full-term... YIKES on that last one, but yay!!


To A T said...

I love how the letters turned out! Great job!!

Helen said...

That's a BEAUTIFUL crib & dresser!

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