Monday, July 20, 2009


...goes the pregnant brain.

Monday, Monday can't trust that day (as the song goes)

Of course I had two HUGE brain farts today...
#1- Lunchtime. I finally made up my mind and went to Chipotle for lunch. After waitning in line and grabbing my order I headed to the fountain for my drink: Orange Fanta. Filled up the cup, snapped on the lid, then grabbed a straw, napkins and "silverware," tossed them into my bag and left. Got back to work, found a spot and realized.... my drink was still at Chipotle, sitting at the fountains! And the straw in the bag.

#2- 4:55 pm. Need I say more? Got a meeting notice for tomorrow afternoon- from 3 to 6. My schedule tomorrow is not 8-5, but... I promptly replied that I'd be on break at 3 and going home at 5. Took me the entire trip home and sitting here at this computer to realize that one (I'm there from 3-6).
Of course, then there's the one I had back when I first learned I was pregnant; I took a day off from work (scheduled before I found out I was preggo, ironically enough) but went to meet Keith for lunch. I was halfway down the highway when I realized my feet were awfully cozy... I still had my house shoes on!
hmmmm... what else was I going to say?? Or was that it?


Chele said...

LOL! Those hormones are hell on the brain.

Yaya said...

I used to always drive halfway to college class with my slippers still on! I started just keeping a pair of flip flops in my car.

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