Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crazy Snowflake at it again!

So I had my 15-week checkup today and all went well! Weight gain will not be published but BP was good. We visited with the Dr. D's assistant today since Dr. D was out of town this week and things went smoothly. Of course, Snowflake was in a froggy mood and decided to dodge the doppler once again, so after trying on a nervous me we retreated to the u/s room.

Once we got past my full bladder, we were able to see the little snowflake moving around in there and s/he even gave us a wave! Then it was on to thumbsucking- sooo awesome! The heartbeat looked good and strong.


Nothing like a moving, wiggling, waving snowflake to make my morning bright!

I was offered the infamous triple-screed bloodwork which screens for possible birth defects, such as Spina Bifida or chromosomal issues such as Down's Syndrome (AKA T21), but I turned it down, since there is a HUGE rate of false positives associated with the test. Even the PA mentioned about the false positives and the staff were very respectful about my decision, which I liked. There has already been one lady on our expecting club board who had a false-positive for SB, and another whose b/w pointed to a strong chance of Down's (she's having an amnio tomorrow- her odds came back at like 1/7 or something like that).

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Helen said...

Look at that perfect little angel!
I turned down testing too. My OB & I had a chat about it, the test would be pointless. It wouldn't change the fact that I was having the baby, perfect or imperfect, so why did I need to know? Especially since you could THINK something was wrong & stress over it, only to have a perfect baby enter the world. No need for extra stress.

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