Sunday, July 19, 2009

mine, Mine, MINE!!

Yesterday it finally happened... Keith and I got our severance checks in the mail! Since my check is more than enough by itself, I'm going to take care of first things first, by paying the big, silver thing sitting in my driveway OFF, ENTIRELY!


YEAH!! Finally, we are done with car notes for hopefully a long, long time. **KNOCKS WOOD**

In other (big) news, I am now 12.5 weeks along. This means that I'll be 13 weeks this Wednesday... and in my SECOND trimester! Six months ago I wondered if I'd ever see these days. So far so good.

The puking seems to be letting up, but I still have nausea and queasiness here and there. I hate water. The taste of it, everything. I know I need it so I have to pretty much force it, but wisely. A few days ago I had a day off from work and went and got a snack from the local chicken restaraunt. The snack (three strips and mashed potatoes) went down soooooooo good. YUM! Baby and I both LOVED it. However when I took a sip of water after that, things changed right about after the third sip... I suddenly had indigestion. I was fine until I had the stupid water! argh. And this morning, food first THEN water, and so far no puke. hmmmm... I wonder if my morning sips right after I wake haven't been triggering the m/s I've been having lately. Oh well, I guess only time will tell at this point. :)

Now if I just had the money to hire a jet (or even a helicopter) to take me to work so I'd be able to avoid the crappy commute (and DH too, of course)... oh, wait- if I that kind of money I wouldn't need to work. LOL


Dreamgirl said...

Found you through Yaya... wanted to stop by and say "hi".

Good luck with your pregnancy. Great things awaiting;)

If you want to get to know me, come visit me at

(I'm at too, but that's just for house- addicts...)

Helen said...

Yay for paying off the car!! Have you tried adding lemon juice or fruite juice or Crystal Light to the water? Just a little maybe? Hope you get over the m/s soon!

Kimmygintx said...

Dreamgirl- thanks for stopping by! Will definitely check out your blogs (even the house one- I'm a sucker for houses!). ;)

Helen- It's a HUGE relief.. Lemon juice helps with the flavor a little (especially when the water otherwise tastes bad), and I NEED to bring my flavor packets along.. thanks for the ideas!

Chele said...

Whoot! Yay! for paying off the car! I was going to suggest Crystal Light or Decaf. iced tea. My neice's doctor had her drink kool-aid.

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