Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doc Visit Today

With Dr. D and I couldn't be happier.

I even told him about my previous bp readings, in and out of the office and he acknowledged white-coat hypertension and advised me his protocol of diagnosing real hypertension... very attractive (not simply a couple of bad readings in the office then off to drugs, like my other doc).  Dr. D said he usually takes another reading later in the visit and then may have the patient do a 5-day reading- take readings over a 5-day period and pretty much go from there. Not to mention, I didn't see any drug salespeople in the (very nice!) lobby *and* not alot of pharma junk in the office either.

I advised him on my MTHFR and we discussed using baby aspirin (85mg) once I find out I am pg again. So we will definitely try that out next time.. may not help but can't hurt. And he does do b/w "when there is a concern" (patients like me, whose body seems to like to m/c, or ectopic histories).

He was even talking to me about his experiences in Iraq (2003-2004) while he was examining me. Very interesting!  I found Dr. D and his staff to be very nice and friendly and they put me very much at ease!

Oh, and BTW, there was even a coffee maker (with different flavors of coffee and tea) and a water (hot and cold) station in the lobby!


Chele said...

Yay! That sounds like a very positive experience and a good doctor. I'm jealous! I love my doc and will miss him when we move, but he doesn't offer us coffee or tea. lol

Yaya said...

Glad the appointment went well.

Yes, I use baby aspirin every day.

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