Sunday, March 27, 2011

Murphy, will you please...

...go find someone else to bug?

I swear, since I have resolved to do two things before Firecracker's arrival, I have met probably every obstacle to getting them done. Why? Because, as everything else on this planet does, they cost money. I have decided that I want to start some sort of home-based business ;) and get new glasses/contacts.

Jessy has begun to attempt to pull my nearly-two-year-old glasses off my face several times, damn-near succeeding on several fronts already. They may just break in half, as did my last pair at the two-year mark. I swear the things have timers on them or something! Secondly, I need. my. contacts. back. These glasses, although I have worn them nearly two years straight, are starting to drive me batshit. Need I say more? Since I have been pregnant, my nose has become more like that dreaded, invisible oil slick we don't see on the road when it's lightly raining after a loooong drought. Translation? The things slide down like it's going out of style in the next five minutes, resulting in them being constantly dirty. As in, I just wiped off the lenses not five minutes ago and they're... muy sucio again. Yeah, no thanks.

And now, the other point: starting a business. Any way I go about this, it's gonna cost dough. Whether I go Mary Kay or I go craftiness, there is an upfront investment. The latter may have a lesser investment, but probably a little less profit as it would take time to fill one order. The former, however, may require parties, as my current housing situation severely limits my ability to entertain. (We Three Musketeers live on our own in a single-family home, but it's a bit tight. We need more s-q-f-t's!)

So what's the big deal? The fact that I have again had to miss work, this time twice in a week. As if Jessy's flu two weeks ago wasn't enough, the snowball caught a stomach bug, so I stayed home with her for a day. She was better by the next day so I went back to work, but that evening (same day Jessy was better) I started puking. Ick. Fortunately daddy made some arrangements so that I could stay home and rest and he took her to the sitter. Not a horrible deal, however I don't get paid for any time off at all, let alone sick time. The irony? I have been plotting taking a day off with Keith to tackle the house, maybe a Friday to send the babyjess to the sitter's house and we can hit it hard.

With this little cutey-monster leanring new tricks, cleaning house is hard work! But we don't mind. ;)

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Amy said...

Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

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