Sunday, March 20, 2011

Firecracker, Firecracker...

Boom, boom, grow! I can't believe I am 23.5w along already in this pregnancy. Where does the time go?!

We found out the gender (about a month ago- somebody slap me for not talking sooner!) and JessyNicole will have a little sister this summer.

My belly button has popped somewhat. If I'm sitting down it's all the way out, but if I am standing, it mysteriously takes on the shape of Dallas City Hall. I think this child is sitting higher than her big sister, as I didn't have this effect when I was pg with Jessy.

Trying to pick a name has definitely been harder this time around. If I remember correctly, the name Jessica hit me across the face about two weeks after finding out Jessy was a she. However, this one, is entirely different. I sit, stumped still, a month later and counting. The name Julia has been at the forefront of our minds, but there's part of me that worries that people will think I named her Julia b/c she was due/born in July. :/ I am rather sensitive to what I name my kids, as I know it can and does influence a person's life.

Other names we have considered/are considering are Joanna, Natalie, Jana, Keira, Kara, Jillian, Jill, Kaitlyn, Brianna, Gianna, and Victoria.My only concern of another K name is that Jessy may feel left out if we don't have anymore kids after this one (for those who don't know, DH's name is Keith). Hmmmm...

If anyone has any input on names, please feel free to spill it! ;)

That all being said, whatever I name this kid, I do plan on painting letters of her name, just as I did with Jessy.

Stay tuned! 

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