Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy Daze

Jessy celebrated her first birthday on 2/5. Um, where did the time go?? Anyway, we had planned/envisioned having her first birthday party ON her birthday. How sweet would that have been? Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans:

Instead, she dumped tons of snow on us, instigating Snomageddon 2011.
Dude, where's my driveway?

While most of this cold, wet stuff melted off by the big day, we still voted to move the party up by one week, simply because of the sheer volume of the frozen stuff that hung around. We usually don't get this much in NTX, so this was a huge deal. HUGE, as in Dallas and Fort Worth (and needless to say, surrounding areas') schools closed. Those two cities never close their schools, unless Mother Nature is having major PMS. End of story.

We finally had the babyjess's party a week later, when there was nary a sign of any of Mama Nature's antics from the week before. It was a bright, warm and sunny day. Typical for Texas weather, if you don't like it, just wait a few minutes. It'll change.

Without further ado, The celebrity babyjess!

Is that a toof?

...but...but...but daddy!

Is this what I am supposed to do? Mommy, you're laughing awfully hard...

The unsuspecting cakes before

3 generations, engrossed in Jessy's toy drum.


Amy said...

Glad she had a good time! I love your new blog layout!!

Esther said...

oh my gosh your blog is super cute!!! im still needing to learn how to make mines look like yours! you gotta teach me sum time! take care bye!

Amy said...

You've just been given a blog award by me!

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