Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mama in Hiding??

Nope, just very busy. After Jessy celebrated her first Christmas it was time to start working on her... yup... first birthday party! That, however didn't come without good ol' trial and tribulation.

That's the trouble with a hiatus- so much can happen and then you end up with so much to talk about that you don't know where to start.

Since there was nothing special about New Year's, as usual in our house, I'll skip to mid-January, when things got- just a little crazy. As you may recall, my pregnancy with Jessy was quit uneventful. Once I hit 13 or so weeks, the m/s disappeared and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the pregnancy. However, this one has been different. My m/s was a little more intense with this one, necessitating a new friendship between myself and Zofran. It was several weeks before I was finally able to go off of it, but it helped me to function.

The m/s was naturally still with me a bit at 13-14 weeks, hitting me upside the face here and there. On top of it, however, was another issue which made itself very well-known on my break at my job. I had a massive bleed at 13w 2d, no pain, that sent me to the ER, since as my luck would have it my doc was out of the office until 1- and head just left. Go figure. By pure luck my husband happened to be at home- he had come down with a stomach bug and ended up coming home from work a few hours after getting there. I called my husband from the bathroom stall and warned him of what had happened. He was on his way to get me promptly.

About 15 minutes later DH was there to take me to the ER. Thankfully, my place of employment is only a couple of miles from the hospital and wihle it felt like an eternity, we got there minutes later. I was brought back the minute I walked in and told them what was going on. At that point it was hard to not experience deja vu, as the waiting room was laid out the exact time I was there the first time- for the loss of my first pregnancy.  Needless to say, in addition to the fear instilled in me from what I had seen about 25 or so minutes earlier, I had some sad memories going through me. Pregnancy Hormones +Bad Memories +Bad PAL Brain =Total Basket Case.

Another eternity later I was wheeled back to the u/s room to find out the fate of our little firecracker. When I first saw that bleed about a hundred-thousand things crossed my mind at once, including SCH and m/c. The tech placed the wand on my tummy and it revealed a beautiful, healthy and happy kiddo who was throwing her own party (more on that later ;)). The bleed was indeed caused by a SCH, or subchorionic hemorrhage/hematoma. The prescription? Bed rest and no Jessy-lifting. The bleeding tapered off rather quickly (but spotting hung around) and my regular doctor put me at ease.

I stopped bleeding for about a week then the spotting started up again; coincidentally after a growth spurt (I could literally feel the stretching). We went in to the doc again to be safe, and while we confirmed the SCH was still there, we got some beautiful pics of the firecracker. I was convinced the kid was a boy and asked to know the gender, but the firecracker was a little stinker and kept crossing his legs.

Behold, Firecracker at 15w 4d!!


Amy said...

I'm very happy everything turned out well for. I know I said it on FB already, but I wanted to say it again on here! :)

Kim said...

Glad everything is okay! I hear stories like this and freak out about having kids some day!

Kimmygintx said...

@Amy- Thanks
@Kim- I think I just happen to be one of the lucky ones :/ When your times does come I wish you easy pregnancies and deliveries! ;)

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