Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas? Already?!

Oh, wait. We blinked, and it's gone. This was Jessy's first. And last- as an only child!

Our little firecracker is due July 18! Mommy is now 11 weeks along, so still nauseated and icky, but not complaining. Hey, if it means Firecracker is doing well, BRING IT!!! We will find out if Firecracker has a hot dog or cheeseburger probably sometime mid/late February.

Jessy wore a little (ok, not so little) red and white dress for her first Christmas. She got soooo many toys and clothes! Hokey-pokey Elmo, a Disney princess pony, did I mention clothes?, and so! many! toys! If she complains she's bored I'm not buyin' it! ;)

She needed help with unwrapping her gifts; the babyjess didn't quite know what to do with the paper. It will be interesting to see what she does on her birthday (which is *gasp* around the corner! ;( can't believe how fast time is going!).

All the toys and wrapping paper did not keep Jessy from finding (and later chewing on) the coasters at Grammy's house...

Jessy pooped right out after opening (with mommy's help... wait, mommy did most of the work...) all her Christmas gifts.


Helen said...

Oh my! That pic of her sleeping is priceless!!

Hyde said...

Looks like she had a great XMAS.
New follower!

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