Sunday, December 19, 2010

So much to say...

So little energy! I'll explain in detail a little later, but I have been really dragging. Two full time jobs is really getting to me. One of which, of course, I enjoy more than the other. ;)

Which brings me to a quick ramble. I have several business ideas to generate some extra money, since we're poor as all getout, but the one I reeeeeally want to get started ASAP is a crafty one. I just have no idea where to start. Obviously I can get supplies from the good ol' crafting store, but then what? How do I price stuff? I think I could just do shipping via USPS- those little flat-rate boxes have to be good for something, right?

Anyone have any ideas on how to set prices? Suggestions are very welcome!!

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Helen said...

Well, it depends on what kind of crafty thing it is. There may be cheaper sources than the crafting store. For setting prices, I'd look at Etsy & see what similar items are selling for (you'll find a HUGE range probably). You ideally want to make at least 35% profit if you can. Again, it depends on what the item is. Some things you can make 60%+ profit, some more like 20%.

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