Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Six More Weeks??

I am 22 weeks today with my kickin' little girl. 22 weeks already. Wow! It came to my realization that I have six more weeks until the THIRD trimester. There's so much to do!!! I haven't picked out a name yet (It's sooooo hard!! But I know it will come to me. Eventually.), the room isn't near ready yet. In fact I'm not even going to show a picture of it righ tnow b/c there's still so much crap in there, along with the twin-sized bed! Hmmm... I really need to get cleaning.

This stupid job search is getting in the way! Ugh! I hate selling, including the product I know best, myself. I just do. However, I did find a bunch of halfway-promising-looking stuff on CareerBuilder. (The work-in-TX search site sucks, BTW. CB, Monster, etc all provide much bigger pictures of that a job is really like, along with better company info.) I haven't heard from back from the Big Company who I interviewed with on Monday yet, but the lady who interviewed me did say it could be the end of this week/no later than next week before I heard anything back. So we'll see! While I'm confident the interview went well, I don't know- there was only one position available for hire and lots of applicants. But isn't it that way everwhere?

In miscellaneous news, during the Cowboys game this past Monday (? I think it was... my days are running together! yes, already), Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was busted on national TV picking his nose. My guess? His specialty.

I leave you, for your viewing pleasure,...

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Chele said...

It will all come together in time before the baby arrives. +++ vibes that you find something soon.

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