Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quiet just one word that can be used to describe me these days.

My new job, to put it positively, has me on my toes, and just too exhausted to get on the computer sometimes. The "Mandatory overtime" has had me running bonkers and trying to decide what to do once our Snowflake arrives in January. Hopefully I won't have to go back to work- I completely despise the idea of putting little SF in a daycare, and so does Keith. I am currently looking for a work-at-home gig that I could start out part-time with and doesn't care how many (or few) hours I work (at first, anyway).

On a more entertaining note, last week we had our 19-week appointment, big u/s and everything looks good! Baby measured (at the time) 19w 5d, approx 11 oz. (Aww! Little almost-can of soda!) in weight. The tech moved the wand around like crazy, snapping pics and taking measurements while I prayed that all was OK. And OK it turned out!

The best part? We're having a...

Look at that cute little booty! lol
...Already charming us with her good looks!
That clear money shot was difficult to obtain, though.. she kept crossing her legs before said tech could get the picture snapped and even tried to kick the wand off my belly (waay too cool!). She did provide a decent view otherwise, though...
Now, to pick a name... I always knew in my mind what a daunting task that is, but now that it's here... EEK! I never realized HOW daunting!
And WOOHOOOOOOO for being half-baked! YEAH!

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