Saturday, September 12, 2009

Life as we know it

I am building a canoe as we speak- it has now been raining for nearly two days here! I'm not going to complain, though, as we NEED it first of all, and secondly I like this kind of weather! Rainy, wet, watery, cloudy and perhaps all electrical and thundery too. The light shows in some of these storms have been either scary or spectacular. Yesterday it was a mix of both, as I was at work and able to see the show in my periphery when the bolts actually struck something and positively glowed momentarily. Miraculously, it didn't seem to come near us in our 22-story building as far as I could tell. And we didn't have a tornado. Thank you, Lord! :)

On the other hand, my contract-to-hire job has been abruptly ended. While I'm not going to publish too many details here for obvious reasons, I am going to say that part of me feels angry (used, anyone? taken advantage of, anyone? (overtime reference) screwed over, anyone?), but part of me feels somewhat relieved. After having an elevated BP reading at the last doc's visit (with a normal reading the weeks before and after), I certainly blame the overtime for that and my lack of energy the past few weeks. My resolve this month was that if my BP was affected again like that I was going to ask for a note from the doctor to cut out the overtime. Or perhaps we could keep it to the minimum that I was led to believe, by word choice in the way it was presented to me, it was in the first place ("a little mandatory OT at the end of the month"= a couple of days, right?? I have asked around and others would have interpreted the same, especially since we're not accountants balancing books or anything like that!). I can have a clean house (well, no excuse not to! :D), I can relax, exercise like I had been and should be... the list goes on. May as well see the silver linings, right? ;)
Need the silver linings to bounce off of the bad part- Keith and I were going to go on a road trip to H-Town but we had to cancel that, needless to say. :(

I am going to try my hand at looking for WAHM jobs for the most part (of course I'm open to leads outside of the home). Just not sales please! LOL (we need a steady, reliable income source)

As I have sat typing this, little Miss Snowflake has been wiggling up a storm in her home; she must like a relaxed mommy. :) At least, I'm pretty sure the pops I'm feeling are her! LOL (Although, in the past few days I have felt movements and things that were unmistakably my daughter in there!♥♥)

Oh, here comes the rain again, watering the yard and going to force poor Keith to mow the lawn again in a few days! :D (Wait, actually two lawns since he helps with my mom's too...)

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