Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Came, We Saw, We Conquered...

...and now it's done. After a teary-eyed, anxious wait, we were led into the conference room as a group, given our speeches and finally our packages. Now I have to figure out how to decipher Legalese and get that waiver mailed in... the sooner they get it the sooner the stupid 7-day recission period passes (Why would I rescind? I have stuff to do with my money! Giveittome!) and I can get my severance check. The check (or the bulk of it anyway) will then be returned to the auto finance company in exchange for the title to my car. Free and clear, baby- WOOT!

Thanks to this layoff, no more car payment. I get to pay off some debt. I get to get a new job. I get to start a new adventure with my Beloved. BRING IT!!

After about 30 minutes they finally released us and we traded our badges for our info packets. Good times. We then caravanned on over to IHOP and made then earn their paycheck. They gave awesome service to us, especially considering we were a huge party of oh about at least 50, lots of separate checks. Extra tip for putting up with our rowdiness. :) Yummy breakfast, more good times. We then (more tears) split and went our own separate ways, many or us keeping in touch on Facebook.

For now, I look forward to my upcoming 5-day weekend before starting a new adventure.


Chele said...

Sounds like this lay off has a silver lining after all. Wishing you all the best on this new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the bad news, but good luck to what's ahead.

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