Thursday, March 12, 2009

Move Over, Mommy...

It's all about ME!!!

About three-quarters of the time I am on my computer, whether it be meaningless surfing, hanging out on iVillage or DAM or whatever else comes to mind, my little girl Keely will come join me, demanding I give her *all* of my attention.

Tonight, she came to me, demanding that I blog about HER.

Who could say "no" to a face like that?

Mommy, can I come to work with you and Daddy?

Daddy-Daughter chat
As you can see, this little lady is one of my off-the-chain furkids. But her sister is worse...

Refusing to cooperate for the camera. I actually caught her resting her pretty little head on the camera case, top left.
Please excuse the clutter in some of the pics. We're really bad about that. *blush*


Chele said...

Awww they are so sweet. I woke up to a kitten running all over my bed like he was on speed. lol! Gizmo has a fascination with my lap top and has to get in my lap so he can watch the pages load and the cursor move.

karmapearl said...

What a cute post!

Anonymous said...

Yup, that's exactly how my furbabies are!

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