Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adjustments and not-so-free lunch

So Keith and I are still getting the hang of an emptier parking lot at work these days. It's only a humbling reminder of what is to come for us... *sigh*

However to brighten things up and I guess bring up morale our department fed us lunch today! It was hamburgers and/or hotdogs. Yummy! I grabbed two hotdogs since the wait for the burgers was too long (apparently they didn't cook enough burgers early enough... but oh well).. topped both with ketchup, mustard and cheese and one of the doggers had the privilege of being covered in chili, too... mmmmmm... baaaaad for the diet as I had a coke and a SMALL bag of nacho-cheese Doritos (sigh)... but it was soooo good!

Now this part is significant... I finished up my lunch (Coke and all!) before Keith even sat down! Those who know me know that is a feat in itself... usually if we start eating at the same time he's finished by the time I am halfway through, so that tells you how slow I am compared to him.. so for me to finish lunch before he even gets through the line... see?

Keith and I did go for a walk afterward, and again in the afternoon. (I then went grocery shopping a while after we got home... at Super Target so I mosied around that place for a while as I always do.) I can now justify it, right? ;) OK, I feel guilty... two chocolate-chip cookies as an afternoon snack after arriving home from work. *sigh*

The good news is that through the bad-ness on my part, eating-wise, (for the last couple of days *blush* shame on me), well at Target tonight I swear for a minute I though my jeans were going to fall right off! That has got to be a good sign, right? :giggle:


Chele said...

lol! Excellent sign!

Anonymous said...

Jeans falling off is a good thing!

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