Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After a week of temps in the 80's, the cold reality hit: it's still winter!

I went from wearing light clothes, even sandals and showing off my pedi (which I have yet to take a pic of- that stupid crud I got last week threw me way out of sorts!) just yesterday to wearing a sweater and my heavy jacket, and, oh yeah, fighting to keep my umbrella from turning inside-out once again. (Yes, it has done that once already. Amazingly enough it still works.)

Keith and I spent a little time outside yesterday soaking up what was left of the heat wave, including examining our one of our babies in the front yard:
Basically we went from this beautiful spring scene yesterday to the cold reality of winter (once again) today: Anyone want a messy dog? I swear, this little dude can't keep himself clean for a minute on a rainy day. The sad part? Bernie hates, yes hates, baths.(Warning: you MAY need to take something for motion-sickness before proceeding. Yours Truly can't figure out how to rotate this darn pic so you don't become ill from motion-sickness.)
Oh, well... at lest we still have Daylight-Savings time! YAY DST!!!


Chele said...

LMAO! We have a pic of Maverick just like that somewhere on our blog. He hates CLEAN water but loves mud. lol!

OMG! I hope those temps don't cross the gulf. We had temps like that last week that killed my new tomatoes. I was planning on doing some gardening this weekend but I better check the long range forecast first.

Ophelia said...

LOL! Love the pics!

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