Tuesday, November 18, 2008

To Bailout... or not to bailout? Is the question.

It seems lately that there has been some controversy over the proposed automotive industry bailout. Seems maybe alot of people are passionately for it, or against it. Either way is understandable.

But I sure do hope those folks look at the big picture, along with our congressmen and women in D.C. The long-term ramifications on our economy if SOMETHING doesn't happen. Imagine the unemployment going well above our already 10+ million people. Granted, there are about what- 300m people in our country now, but look at the shape our economy is in now with 10m unemployed!!

Also- think of what will be on the roads. Those of you who drive only American-manufacturer cars will have to move over, along with everybody else, to driving expensive imports. Repair costs are already higher on alot of these vehicles because they are built overseas- getting the parts is a pain in the butt- and imagine the cost- currency conversion alone! Granted, alot of foreign vehicles are built right here in the USA, which is quite refreshing (you can actually tell this, if you wanted to, by looking at the first character of your Vehicle Identification Number. If it is a number, USA. If it's a letter, say "K," you're driving a full-blooded *er* oiled import- hope you enjoyed a little trivia!Check it out here!). Not to mention the cost of cars in general would go up due to less choice available.

Of course, there are cons- the $70b the stupid government spent on the banks... not that it wasn't needed (as if the unemployment figure above isn't bad enough!), but sheesh... to give banks and not others help? That's wrong. I digress.

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