Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So it's been too long since I posted.

As you heard, Obama won the election last week, which is both exciting and scary; to me his voting record and beliefs say it all. I don't have much time for a soapbox tonight about exactly what I disagree with, just wanted to own up to being a bad blogger! I have been lazy and busy (if that makes any sense?)! LOL

As for other things, we got some different things done at our house this last weekend... finally painted our office and cleared it out but now we need to sort through the clutter and discard what we don't need. Another process, another chore, another day. LOL Still left to do: clean/redecorate kitchen, hang new light fixtures (we live in a 1972 house and the current ones are UGLY!) and did I mention de-cluttering?

Anyways I must get to bed as I do have to work tomorrow. Maybe I can stay up late tomorrow too? :) Who knows.


Yaya said...

Yes, I'm in a perpetual de-cluttering state as well!

Ophelia said...

Glad to see you updated! Welcome back to the blogging world :)

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Never ending clutter.....

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