Sunday, November 2, 2008

That Sinking Feeling

I hate to be pessimistic but I have a sinking feeling about Tuesday. I think it's awesome that a black guy will be in office and all that but THIS IS THE WRONG MAN. Obama voters, you will see this when we get attacked again, when crime goes up b/c less people can afford to have guns to protect themselves thanks to his extra taxes on weapons, when married peoples' paychecks go DOWN and people go bankrupt (or damn close to it) b/c he let Bush's tax cuts lapse (yes, same guy who said he wouldn't raise taxes!), when peoples' health deteriorates b/c they had to wait weeks/months for a surgery/treatment they could've gotten under NORMAL healthcare.

I'm certainly not looking forward to a decrease in my paycheck simply for being married. Nor am I looking forward to getting crappy healthcare. I have worked my butt off to get an education so I could get a halfway decent job with decent benefits. If socialized healthcare will work, how come there are so many complaints about medicare, tricare and VA? Seriously, I have yet to hear a single good thing about any of them. From what I can see, even medicaid sucks. Such damn long ER waits in county hospitals? Doctor shortages in Canada (that comes from the horse's mouth so to speak, ladies and gents.)? Yes, even the docs don't wanna put up with that bullsh*t.

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