Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why McCain??

Why NOT!?

For starters, Obama's healthcare plan is way off-base. Government control of healthcare is not the answer to our problems. Have you ever heard anybody say anything positive about veterans' health benefits? About Tricare (military healthcare)? Personally I haven't. According to and, Obama's healthplan will still leave 8.5 MILLION people uninsured. So much for universal.

Also, with respect to healthcare, according to FactCheck, "the US's costs are NOT twice as much as others."

Next, affirmative action. Just seeing those two words makes me want to gag. I am a WHITE FEMALE and I HATE IT. Personally, I see it as a slap in the face to get hired for a job simply because I am a woman. I'd rather my prospective employer look at my QUALIFICATIONS, NOT GENDER OR RACE.

Next up, his campaign. I see and hear him saying, "This country needs this, This country needs that!," but NOTHING to back it up with- I still have yet to hear him say anything explaining HOW he plans to execute this grand "Change we can believe in." So with that said, how do I know he's not just another all-talk-no-action, or as some would put it, all-sizzle-no-steak, chatterbox?

For any homosexuals reading this, Obama wants to repeal the don't-ask-don't-tell policy in the military! I disagree (and I'm straight)- it's really none of anyone's business. KEEP don't-ask-don't-tell. PLEASE. If I was in the military I sure wouldn't want to know. No disrespect to you guys, but it is your business.

BTW, Obama has voted YES on "reauthorizing" the Patriot Act, and even voted for it after promising to repeal it this past January!!

And one of the most ongoing, controversial issues, Abortion. Simply put, IT'S A CHILD NOT A CHOICE!!! You see, these "products of conception" all have THEIR OWN DNA. If it was just a lifeless lump of tissue, it would be in the woman's breast or elsewhere, and HAVE THE SAME DNA. My personal favorite is being called "anti-choice" simply because I don't believe in abortion. If that's really the case, then those who are pro-abortion are anti-life. The real anti-choice measure is being pro-abortion. A link to some true stories of women who had abortions because they felt forced is at the bottom of this entry.

After this sad note (if your read even one or two stories you'll know what I am talking about), to be fair, I do agree with Obama on some things. Obama is apparently against exclusions of medical coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. I disagree with McCain on supporting the "one-man-one-woman" marriage. I think that marriage is something that the government should not be meddling in at all. (i.e. just live and let live, please!)

Here's where I got the info on Obama

And here's some info on McCain's stances.

Do we really want our daughters to "choose" this? This site contains NO graphic pics of aborted BABIES. Promise.
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