Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A sign??

So I will share a funny story... sort of... Driving home from work today on the highway, we have the option of an HOV lane (DH&Myself work together). I merge over into the lane and of course the car (slow-poke likes to leave a mile in front of him-type of driver) that was in front of me had to come over too. Then I noticed the first three letters of the license plate on the car: HCG.

The dialog was as follows:

Me: Honey, look at that license plate... HCG! HA HAAAA!
DH? What's that? (of course)
Me: The PREGNANCY hormone! Maybe it's a sign!
DH: Oh, okay...

LOL so needless to say it definitely made the traffic more enjoyable, thinking it MIGHT be a good sign! (i.e. Accepting any and all babydust donations)

In loving memory of Pumpkin, grew wings @7w, 4 days, 2/24/08.


Ophelia said...

I hope it's a sure sign for you! That would be awesome! GL hun!

Kimberly said...

Thank You!

Yaya said...

Yup-we're too alike! I would have thought the same thing!
Blowing you some baby dust!

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