Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Honey-Do: A Re-Visit

A reminder for those who are new to this; this is not to be confused with honeydew. I actually don’t like honeydew very much (I prefer cantaloupe, if I might say so myself), but I like honeydo. Our new home has so much potential that it’s not even funny. And we have a Texas-sized to-do list to fit the bill, if I might say so myself.

We have knocked off several items, with several to go, and several others unmentioned as we have realized there is always more!
1. Paint Downstairs - eh, still working on this one. Have at least the hallway and kitchen. The kitchen... anyone wanna come tape with me?? I'm sure it will take just as long to tape as it will to paint...

2. Hang Ceiling Fans in the girls’ bedroom (which could prove tricky if a- the brackets that hold the fan to the ceiling aren’t already there and b- the fact that all 3 upstairs bedrooms’ lights, plus the bathroom up there, are on one circuit, puts a huge damper on things. I’ve done some Googling- it may be do-able… but that will have to be another post)
Done. Woohoo! All three upstairs bedrooms have ceiling fans now, and they all work, beautifully. Even though they are of the "5-minute" variety, they took about 20 minutes apiece, but still... easy. Does anyone actually get those done in 5 minutes?

3. Paint Upstairs

4. Maybe a little wallpaper in one of the bathrooms?-maybe. If I can find the right pattern cheap enough. Operative words: right pattern.

5. Master bedroom fan needs a remote. Found one that will work at Home Depot, now just to go grab it and program it so it will work with our fan.
Poor thing is paralyzed. One remote has failed us as it is incompatible (go figure :p). Off to get the correct one. Eventually.
We did it! I looked at a couple of web sites and found a similar-looking fan. Looked at the specs and manual and voila- we now have a working fan in master, for a total of six working fans in this house. Which is a beautiful thing in these TX summers. 

6. Hang more pictures! The walls are disturbingly blank. Disturbingly. Especially upstairs.

7. Erect a backyard shed for the hubby’s tools, so that we may once again have two cars in our two-car garage. However, since today’s sheds are packaged in approximately 2,395,746,108 pieces, we will need to set aside a year a fortnight 4 score and 7 years some extra help to get it all put together.-
 hmm... giving myself partial credit on this one. the shed was erected in approximately 1,832,352 parts, far fewer than the original estimate. Mostly those pesky little screws. and washers. uuuuuuuggghhh... Now the thing just needs to be moved; the original spot we planned for it isn't working out. Fortunately, trees hide it from the street. ;)

8. Soak in the huuuuuuuge bathtub. Yeah. It’s still not been christened yet. YES! Did this one too! Unfortunately only had time once thus far- will pencil in time for more times.

9. Patio Furniture. Front and Back. ‘Cause it’s needed. And that’s that. And no ugly stuff! What's good quality and good-looking on a shoestring budget? Walmart! Stay tuned... ;)

10. Granite Countertops. And stainless steel appliances. Find out if the kitchen is pre-plumbed for a gas range perhaps? Half-hoping there is a capped-off line hidden somewhere within that wall. A gas range would certainly be easier to clean than a coil-top, yet have the flexibility to allow for cast-iron cookware, right? Otherwise I think we’re gonna have to go flat-top. Hate the coils. Blech.

11. Wood Floors. Need I say more? Carpet+Toddlers+Clumsy Parents=NotAGoodThing.

Hmmm… this is getting mighty expensive. Anyone wanna tell the winning lottery numbersfor this weekend? I'm still open for this one...


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