Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Still pregnant! And I'm not surprised. Jessy went to 41w 2d before we kicked her out, so why wouldn't her sister want to try to one-up her?

As much as it stinks to have unpaid maternity leave and to be staring induction down the barrel again (well, ok- it's not til Tuesday and anything can happen, but still...), what doesn't stink and is totally priceless? Having quality, one-on-one time with Jessy. I feel like this is an opportunity to make up for the time with her that I was robbed of when Jessy was a tiny baby. (I was forced back to work with she was 6 weeks old- barely enough time to physically recover from the birth! Never mind QT with the baby...)

As each day passes by, I treasure it more and more as it is one day closer to her no longer being our only little girl. She will always be our princess, our snow princess, our snowflake... well, you get the idea. But once our little firecracker arrives, our dynamic will be forever changed. We will have to make an effort and arrange to have any one-on-one time with each kid.

Sure I have my anxiety about having to split my time between two little princesses AND a full-time job (let's face it, I'll have to go back to working unless we hit the lottery. We haven't been playing, sooooo...), but I know it will work itself out. God never gives us more than we can handle.

Yesterday I had my 41-week checkup (will be 41w on Thursday- tomorrow. EEK!) and all is well. Gained 2 pounds (#@$%& Klondike bars!!), BP good, pee in a cup, NST! Yeah, since we're at that point now, we did an NST to make sure Natalie is safe and sound in there. In her usual stubborn fashion, she kept us on our toes. She slept through the first half of it, so I got to drink some OJ to hopefully rouse her. OK, I chugged the stuff- I did NOT want to go to L&D unless I was in labor! ;) About 5 minutes later, the partying began as our firecracker danced around, and continued to do so for the rest of the morning. She went on top throw another party this morning, and not invite me. But I'm not complaining- at least I know she's ok!

The countdown is on!

The big sister, just 9 days old herself. Here we go again! <3

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