Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I did. Apparently, too many times. It's November already. How'd that happen??? I mean, I believe I had a resolution, which felt like it was the beginning/middle of last month, to be a better blogger. I believe I have gone in the opposite direction. Please forgive me.

Jessy turns 9 months on Friday. She will have been outside of me nearly as long as she was baking on the inside! For the past several weeks, she has been working on her crawling skills and has become a pro at it. And our princess spooked us the day before Halloween by... STANDING! I caught it all on video, since I know any readers I have left nowadays aren't going to believe me. ;) *crickets*

Without much further ado, here's the footage!

The second vid is a tad dramatic b/c it ends with Jessy falling over my leg and she looks terrified. but rest assured our little snowflake didn't even cry, much to her mama's relief.

The little snowflaker is doing well with the baby food nowadays- we started sending some off to the baby sitter's place with her every day and she is taking it like a champ. Unless she is at home, though, but more on that later. (I mean it this time!)

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