Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mommy Brainless

I figured I'd clue you guys in before I forget (rim shot). I officially have momnesia.

Tonight I went over to Babies R Us and Target for some light shopping. Loaded up the car from BRU and headed off to Target. Got there, cut the engine in the car, took off my seatbelt. Reached for my purse... quickly pulled my seatbelt back on, re-cranked the engine (poor car!) and shot back over to BRU so fast... sure enough my purse was still in the shopping cart. Oy Vey. Thankfully everything was still in it, probably b/c I went at night, and there was definitely an angel watching over it!

I've been forgetting half the stuff I'm told at work. Not good, since it pertains to doing my job. It is also very frustrating since I've done the job before, but look to my boss like a complete buffoon who hasn't even seen it and can't learn how to use a toothbrush let alone discount contracts. *crickets chirping*

Oy. I just need a good night of... something. Um, I think they call it ssss.... sleep?

1 comment:

KarmaPearl said...

Ahhhh yes. And what is this 'sleep' you speak of?

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