Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nine Months Down.

Nine. It's really blown by, especially this summer. Guess when you have three kids that's what happens. 

Jonathan is now nine months old and into everything. He crawls, eats, babbles, sleeps in his own bed, stands with help and is trying to pull up on his own! 😲 

As for the girls, they claimed major game around here when they wrestled a crocodile the other day. Ok, kidding. But I'm not kidding about the front one going into first and the back one starting kinder on Monday! I am going to miss the sweetness of this summer (but won't, for the record, and already don't, miss the hundred-million-degree heat). These two girls aren't babies anymore! 😢

This summer, as you're probably aware, a mobile game known as Pokèmon Go was launched and quickly exploded in popularity. I held off at first on downloading it until my two olders randomly began speaking of random Pokèmon around the house, without even knowing the game existed. 

Needless to say this game has become a staple in our household and the girls and I go on hunts as often as we can. 

I've connected with these girls way more that I could have ever imagined over a game! The Number One (pictured above) watches the show and collects the cards as well, and has taught me so much about the characters and the game.

Moral of the story? When something new comes along, run with it. You might just get a pleasant surprise out of it. And if not, keep trying. Life is full of these little surprises that have a way of jumping out at us and saying, "Hi, I'm here." Some you can ignore and put off, but others, no way. Be in the moment. 💕

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