Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crazy Girls and Sweet Life

I can't believe that my little big girl is a month old already! On the 26th we took her to her 1-month ped appt. She was already up to 11#6oz (up from 9#7oz two and a half weeks prior)! The chunky monkey was 22 inches long (up from 20.5). At this rate, this child will outgrow her bassinet in the next month/month and a half, and her carseat at 6-7 mos old! eek! But I'm not complaining... I'm grateful to have a healthy little porker on my hands!!

And it's September already?! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday in some ways and years ago in other ways that I was at my new job a month already, a year ago today. I guess because I have had so much going on it makes time even more hard to discern. Started a job 8/2/10, 3.5 mos later found out I was prego again, got Jessy baptized, celebrated Jessy's first Christmas, first birthday, found out we were having another girl... it just goes on and on!

Now I must get attempt to get Natalie into at least somewhat of a routine before I return to work, probably sometime middle of/later this month. This little lady likes to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and eat, and pee, and eat, and eat, and eat, and poop, and eat, and sleep... Oh, and did I mention- she likes to eat? Some days it seems continuous. Which is okay, except... a babysitter won't be able to juggle the other kids with her this way! So the routine thing isn't going too bad, except Miss Natalie seems to be in a growth spurt, so she's eating and fussing a bit more than usual, and at 5 weeks, that's to be expected. I have began to give her mostly bottles during the day to help her transition, which has had an unexpected side effect- the two days I have done this so far she has STTN. Yup, STTN at a month old! I'll take it! I just hope it doesn't completely kill my supply (I have been pumping whenever I get the chance to- usually when the girls are napping, during the day). Hmmm I may exclusively nurse her over the weekend to hopefully save my supply ;) and perhaps give me an idea of what I am in for if I indeed pump while working. (besides the $$ savings)

Which brings us to another topic- who to send her to. We may have a slot at Jessy's old daycare. Jessy enjoyed it there, we get along with the lady, and Jessy seemed well taken-care of (she had a helper; there were alot of kids there). I also have a friend who is willing to take on my girls for what will amount to about $100 less per month and she has less kiddos. She's closer to our house and the one Jessy has been going to is closer to my work (keep in mind I live about 9 miles from work, so that's not a huge factor...). hmmm...

And now work! FMLA was no help to me, so my position isn't guaranteed. However, my boss stated that when I was ready to go back, to simply send in my resume to her recruiter to begin the process again. I really hope I can go back to where I was. Since I have to go back (didn't hit the lottery this time, either, lol), I may as well go somewhere where I enjoy the people and the company. The work can be a tad stressful (customer service) at times, but hey, it pays the bills and my co-workers rock (boss rocked too!). Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Next week I have my 6-week checkup with my OB. already. eek. I anticipate that I will be cleared for normal activities (YAY! Finally be able to "legally" lift Natalie and Jessy- technically shouldn't be lifting more than 10# per dr's orders) then and will be able to let the weight-loss games begin.I have at least 30# to lose- lots of work ahead but with the weather cooling off here hopefully soon (this monster heat wave we have been in has to break... right? RIGHT????) DH and I will be able to resume our walks. Hello, double stroller! No pic yet, but when we get it I will definitely post one!

Methinks Jessy will wake up here very shortly... better get ready. ;)

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