Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sappy Sunday

It has been an eventful week. Tornadoes have ripped through much of Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi and killed more than 350 people. They have also been confirmed as having touched down her in Texas but fortunately did not kill anyone. Houses have literally been ripped off their foundations. My phone died, my job messed up a paycheck.

It's times like these that we are reminded of how truly blessed we are. Not to say that those people weren't blessed, but it puts things into perspective. Have bills that need to be paid off and that's why you work instead of staying home with the kid(s)? Have aches and pains that just won't go away? How about a job that doesn't pay reliably? Or being stuck in a monotonous job with nowhere else to go b/c the job market sucks?

Keith recently got into a job where there's more bonus potential. My job? Well, it's a job, but my boss and co-workers rock.

At least we have a safe home to go to. We are alive and healthy. We have jobs. We have a beautiful, healthy daughter with another on the way (who we hope will keep baking until at least June 23rd. ;)). Jessy walks, eats, talks climbs and is even in the process of learning to run! She's (*knock wood*) only been sick enough to keep her home literally a couple of times- pretty good for a kid in daycare from what I understand.

I have some creative juices that I just want to figure out how to apply, so maybe I can get out of the ratrace nice and soon. I will also be in the driver's seat as far as going back to work when this baby comes. That, however, is a whole other post.

Off to go enjoy my husband and daughters.


Morgan Owens said...

I feel so horrible for the people who live in the towns that got hit, it's awful!

Your little girl is SO cute! :)

Kimmygintx said...

Thanks! I know, it's a horrible thing what happened out there. They're definitely in my prayers!

Amy said...

It definitely is an extremely sad and scary thing that happened. We were hit by the storm but all we got was some flooding and I am SO thankful!!

Chelsea said...

SO TRUE. Thanks for the reminder!

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