Friday, August 24, 2007

More News

¿Que esta` pasando? More like what hasn't been happening! LOL This week has been a bit of a blur.. but we got alot done. Confirmed our pastor who will be doing our wedding, received our rings on Monday.. I went and had my MRI Monday- Woo hoo! The good news with that is that nothing is torn.. no torn cartilage or ligaments. But we did confirm a loose body floating in my knee that, well, needs to be removed.. along with fixing a defect in my kneecap. No guarantees that it won't happen again and my knee definitely won't be brand-new again. Basically, I need surgery. Yippy skippy. Well, I guess it's better than having that loose body fall into my knee and locking it up. At least now the doc can just scope me and fix it fairly easily. Of course we will be waiting til AFTER the wedding to to this.. Even the doc agrees on that one. So now I am just sitting on all this info and debating on getting a second opinion or not.. not sure if the insurance requires it or not but the surgery seems necessary, especially when I go over all this in my head. I certainly don't need some THING in my knee locking it up! LOL

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